Talking to your kids about sex



Take time to talk with your kids about love, sex and values.

As you know, being a parent can be very rewarding.  It can also be tough at times.  Don’t give up. You can meet the challenge of talking with your pre-teen or teen.  And you can enjoy it!  Keep the doors of communication open.  Continue to talk with your child.

Studies show that kids want to hear about sex education from their own moms, dads and guardians.  But did you know that when you teach your child the facts about sex, your child is:

  • less likely to have sexual intercourse as a teen
  • less likely to become pregnant or get someone pregnant as a teen
  • more likely to talk to you about important issues in his or her life.

Getting started doesn’t have to be a big production!  Talking to your child about love, sex and values can go smoothly.  Before you know it, you’ll feel like a pro.  You might want to remind your child now and again:

  • Every question is worth asking.
  • No question is silly.
  • Each person grows at his or her own pace. Some kids go through body changes sooner than others.
  • Sexuality is a beatiful gift.  Handle it wisely.